We offer a broad range of services to suit all type of dogs and budgets. 

Please note prices may vary depending on breed, style required and temperament of the dog. 

Pawdicure £10

Perfect for those pooches that can be maintained at home but whose paws and claws need some care and attention!
Includes claw clip, trimming of fur between paw pads and moisturising paw balm

Basic freshen up

from £25 

Basic freshen up

from £30

Great for dogs who have short coats and need a spruce up or even in between regular grooming appointments to help with long coats to avoid knots and matting.
Includes Bath, dry and sanitary trim (face, feet and bottom) 

Luxury freshen up

from £35

Includes basic package plus Blueberry spa facial, pawdicure (see above), ear clean and fragrance spray.

Basic groom package from £43

Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks for medium to long haired breeds to maintain the correct coat condition. 

Includes Bath, dry, clip/scissor to your specifications, claw clip. 

Luxury groom package from £48

For the extra pampered pooch! 

Includes the basic groom package plus blueberry spa facial, pawdicure, ear cleaning and fragrance spray.

Luxury de-shed package from £60

Ideal for dogs who shed/moult excessively.

For smooth coated breeds such as Pugs, Labradors and Rottweilers. Also ideal for double coated breeds such as Huskies, German Shepherds and Akitas.

Includes Madra Mor mud bath which is massaged in to the coat and skin for a minimum of 20 minutes, bath, dry, pawdicure and fragrance spray.

Hand stripping

from £55

Puppy introduction sessions - From £30

We recommend introducing your puppy to the salon as soon as they have had their vaccinations and are allowed out in to the big wide world. We can then create a positive association with the salon and help build their confidence. 

De-matting  From £10 

Sometimes a dogs coat can become matted. When this happens the kindest option for the dog is for us to clip the matted coat off. Please note that de-matting is charged on top of the price of the groom

Cleany teeth, teeth cleaning

Innovative treatment to help combat tartar build up and bad breath all without the need for a risky anesthetic!

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